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Dearest Los Angeles,

Through this very hard and uncertain time, I urge you to support your small businesses and musicians. Stream their music, buy their merch, find anything you can - every bit helps.

I've created a Spotify Playlist filled with artists whom could benefit from streams even if that is a minimal financial gain. Please follow and stream and enjoy! You can find it via this link HERE or pinned to my Spotify Artist Page HERE

*If you have any requests to add your song or a song of someone you love and support, please send the SONG TITLE & ARITST NAME to CONTACT@SAMANTHAAURELIO.COM and I will add it! 

Take information from reputable sources such as your city's Governor or Mayor as well as CNN and .org or .gov websites. Wash your hands. Stay inside, I know that sucks but stay inside. Read a book, FaceTime coffee with a friend, write, watch Netflix (haven't we all been waiting for the Netflix and Chill moment anyway?) 

I urge you to take this seriously and do your part to help flatten the curve. 

Help your neighbor, save the world. We can all be the superheroes now. 

All love,